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6 Visual Apps for Creating Social Media Content : Social Media Examiner

Do you need to create content on the go? Discover six mobile apps to create content for your social media profiles.

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6 Visual Apps for Creating Social Media Content : Social Media Examiner

Jewelry Studio Design

CAD JEWELRY DESIGN At MV jewelry CAD studio we turn your ideas into reality with our jewelry design and modeling services. Our creative designers will hel

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Jewelry Studio Design – Create your project for your etsy or your shop – 3D design service – 3d printing service 

Etsy Treasury

All the best items selling on Etsy – the best Etsy shops

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COCO CHANEL T shirt Tshirt Tee shirt (Female-shirt) Handmade Painting Chanel image Inspired

Coco Chanel hand painting 3D effect Wonderful comments on my tshirts received from my clients

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COCO CHANEL T shirt Tshirt Tee shirt (Female-shirt) Handmade Painting Chanel image Inspired  @Etsy #deals #best #1

5 questions with Jen from Aquanetta on etsy

Jen Martin, a pattern making and costume design student, enjoys finding and preserving the legacy of vintage garments. She loves sharing her unique and unusual finds with Etsy customers via Aquanetta Vintage. Even though Jen considers herself to be fairly shy, she feels design and vintage clothing are the perfect ice breakers and conversation starters!


1. How did you get into vintage?
When I was a kid, I really enjoyed how characters were dressed in old movies and reruns of 1960s TV shows, like Green Acres and Get Smart. This would lead to my extreme dedication to themed dress up days in elementary school such as Hippie Day, Sock Hop Day and Halloween. I was way too into it and even roped my grandma into styling me in her old clothes and jewelry. 

2. What is your favourite vintage item and how did you acquire it?
A close friend of mine recently told me that my relationship with clothing is very visceral. Every garment in my closet and piece in my jewelry box reminds me of a person in my life or experience I’ve had. My favorite pieces are the ones my husband has found for me. He and I love loud creepy, funny, dreamlike vintage prints and mashing them all together in one outfit. 

3. How did you come by the shop name? And is there a meaning to it?
A bunch of hair dresser friends of mine would joke around about girls who wore too much hairspray and would call them, “Aquanettas”. I thought it was pretty funny, so I chose it. Had I known it would turn into a mini business, I would have thought about it a little longer and picked a classier name. lol

4. Your shop has a very distinct atmosphere and presentation. How do you go about creating that environment for your customers?
To set up for photos, I push the bedroom furniture out of the way and screw in color corrected light bulbs into the ceiling fan. I like to use music to create an upbeat and fun environment while taking pictures. Hopefully that enthusiasm about design and vintage translates into the overall feel of Aquanetta Vintage. My current photo playlist set includes: Buraka Som Sistema, Talking Heads, La Lupe and compilations like Sofrito Tropical and Bersa Discos. 

5. What is it about Etsy?
Etsy is a great place for like-minded individuals to find unique everything. It’s for those of us who dread going to the mall and only go when forced to use up a gift card. I am amazed by the intricate pieces people from all over the world create and sell, all contained in one place! This massive online community has helped me realize that I can do what I enjoy, all the while helping people find one of a kind pieces that speak to them, too.


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5 questions with Jen from Aquanetta on etsy  @Etsy #deals #best #1 

5 questions with Rebecca from Revvie1 on etsy

1. How did you get into vintage?
I was born into it. From the word go, I was surrounded by items from various decades, from my 1920s bedroom set to my sister’s 1950s record player. On Saturdays, Mom and I either went to the fabric stores or to auction sales (bonus if we could do both!). In either case, I came home with fun stuff. I loved the 1930s and 40s magazines! I read them from cover to cover, absorbed all of the product info from the ads, and read all the serialized novels. In the fabric stores – and there used to lots of independents! – I looked at every pattern book until I knew them by heart, and tended to beg Mom to buy *yet another* plaid wool for *yet another* yet-to-be-determined project. Later, my sister and I had an antique booth in a local antique mall, and really enjoyed it – until I had the nerve to marry and move away.

2. What is my favorite vintage item and how did I acquire it?
You mean other than my husband?
If so, I have some super vintage hats and coats (I’m a hat and coat freak. Gloves, too. I think this may have something to do with living in the north. 😉 ) Then there is my ever growing collection of china and crystal (and it all gets used!) But, I think my favorite item is my late 1950s Lady Kenmore Model 89 sewing machine with its 22 built in stitches that you dial in like an old car radio. Too cool! Lift the top, and you see the cams are set next to each other vertically, and they “play” a set of tines just like in a music box. German engineering – and it’s PINK ! Yeah !!!  My Big Sister knew I wanted one and bought it for me. Thanks, Big Sis! You’re the best!!

3. How did you come by the shop name? And is there a meaning to it?
Vintage because I sell vintage items. (obviously)
Textile because, originally, I intended to sell primarily fabrics, patterns, yarns, and related items. But I like jewelry, too – so it popped in and stayed. Anything to make the world more beautiful!
Pixie because pixies are a lot like me: they/we wear the best hats and have excellent senses of humor – essential qualities for living.

4.What is your favorite thing in the world?
Love. It’s all that matters. Well, cats, too.

5. What is it about Etsy?
I really like the level of communication that is possible between buyers and sellers; but the most interesting thing, as far as I’m concerned, is the fact that sellers cooperate with each other and promote each other’s work and shops – and its functions quite well. (Big raspberry to Adam Smith and Ayn Rand)

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Twitter: VintgeTxtlPixie
Facebook: Vintage Textile Pixie

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5 questions with Rebecca from Revvie1 on etsy @etsy #deals #best #1


Etsy – Treasury – the best selling items

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